Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project launched in Mozambique.

Dugongos has been awarded a grant to launch a new project supporting a participatory approach to dugong conservation.

In January 2021, our partners in Mozambique, Dugongos, started a new project focusing on the conservation of dugongs and seagrass ecosystems in the Bazaruto Archipelago region of the Western Indian Ocean. Funded by Fondation Segré, the project targets the largest remaining population of dugongs in East Africa, a key priority for the conservation of the species. The project will run between 2021 – 2024 and will employ a holistic, community-led approach to conservation, including activities such as participatory science, community monitoring, and the development of alternative livelihoods.

More information https://www.dugongseagrass.org/projects/bazaruto-dugong-and-seagrass-conservation-project/