2030 Seagrass Breakthrough

2030 Seagrass Breakthrough: A Crucial Step Towards Harnessing the Potential of Seagrass as a Nature-based Solution...

29 February 2024

In recognition of World Seagrass Day, H.E. Razan Al Mubarak, United Nations (UN) Climate Change High-Level Champion and IUCN President, has...

2030 Seagrass Breakthrough

UNFCCC COP28 marked an important milestone for seagrass with the announcement of the 2030 Seagrass Breakthrough

12 December 2023

The Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Office – Abu Dhabi announced the initiative at the event ”Preserving the World’s Biodiversity Heritage”, held...


WIOMSA Symposium 2022: Dugong Special Session

1 November 2022

The CMS Dugong MOU, in partnership with African Parks and the Marine Megafauna Foundation, organized a Special Session at...


New Hope for Dugongs: plans to protect and restore seagrass ecosystems in Abu Dhabi

31 August 2022

A recent UNEP article highlights the efforts Abu Dhabi is making to restore over 20,000 ha of coastal ecosystems by 2030. ...

Blue Carbon

New study: Seagrasses Contribution to the UN SDGs

17 August 2022

A new study, 'The Planetary Role of Seagrass Conservation', by Unsworth, R. et al., shows the importance of seagrass for achieving...


Blue Carbon Ecosystems: Integrating local communities and national policy

13 May 2022

Thirty-three experts, drawn from academia, project development and policy, consider how to develop Blue Carbon Ecosystem (BCE) conservation and Nationally Determined...

Blue Carbon

Seagrass ecosystems enhance life for Pacific Islanders

18 April 2021

A new paper by McKenzie et al. investigates the importance of seagrass ecosystems for communities in Pacific Island Countries and Territories...

Blue Carbon

Seagrass meadows: A nature-based solution to climate change.

11 April 2021

A new study estimates blue carbon in the seagrass meadows of southeast Asia, and their potential for climate change mitigation. Seagrass...