We aim to improve public awareness of the importance of seagrass and the ecosystems services it provides.

Seagrass is only just starting to get the attention it deserves as an ecosystem that supports livelihoods, mitigates climate change, cleans our oceans and protects coastlines. Communicating the critical importance of this underrepresented resource is key to its protection.

We raise the profile of seagrass ecosystems at community level, and with local policymakers and media by highlighting the importance of seagrass ecosystem services for human wellbeing. We do this by engaging coastal communities in participatory communications methods, such as video production, photography and storytelling, and we share these resources with a wide audience over an array of communications channels.

We help determine which messages are most effective to communicate to target audiences, how to reach broader levels of society, and the mechanisms by which to communicate the value of seagrass and the ecosystems it supports.