All these toolkits can be found on the Blue Ventures website.

LLMA Toolkit

Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) are areas of ocean managed by coastal communities to help protect fisheries and safeguard marine biodiversity. LMMAs encompass diverse approaches to management and governance, and their sizes and contexts vary wildly, but all share the common theme of placing local communities at the heart of management.

Available in English and French, this toolkit provides practical guidance in setting up and maintaining LMMAs.

Open Data Kit User Guide

The Open Data Kit (ODK) is an easy to use open source software that is useful for collecting field data. Although ODK is freely available Blue Ventures have worked hard to capture their lessons and experiences using ODK in remote settings with community-based monitors, resulting in this simple, easy to follow step-by-step guide to setting up ODK monitoring.

Homestay Toolkit

This toolkit sets out a number of key strategic considerations for local communities and their partners in government and civil society, to take into account when deciding whether and how to develop a community-based tourism venture.

Qualitative Research Toolkit

This toolkit outlines how qualitative data can be collected and analysed to answer a range of questions. Qualitative data tells us about how our projects have impacted on people and communities. It can give background to the numbers (quantitative data) we collect or can be used by itself to find out about the changes happening in people’s lives. Essentially, qualitative approaches can provide a deeper understanding of how individuals and communities have interacted with and been impacted by projects. Understanding these perspectives can provide valuable learning for future activities.