Exploring Dugongs of the Western Indian Ocean: Regional Exhibition Spotlights Conservation Initiatives

29 April 2024

A remarkable regional exhibition on dugongs has emerged from the collaborative efforts of Les Naturalistes de Mayotte, African Parks and the...


A workshop to discover the dugongs of Madagascar

23 April 2024

The Association des Naturalistes Environnement et Patrimoine de Mayotte, held a workshop dedicated to the dugongs of Mozambique, in association with...


Project research leads to added dugong & seagrass protection in Malaysia

4 March 2024

Research emerging from the Seagrass Ecosystem Services Project has highlighted that the majority of dugong mother-baby pairs occur outside the current...


Great Barrier Reef dugong population in decline

2 October 2023

A new report published by James Cook University (JCU) indicates a decline in the dugong population of the Great barrier Reef since...


New Publication: Handling a Stranded Orphaned Dugong Calf

17 January 2023

This advisory document aims to help policy makers and managers identify the most appropriate course of action for handling dugong calves...


IUCN Red List: Dugong Subpopulations Reassessed

13 January 2023

In 2021 the CMS Dugong MOU commissioned two IUCN sub-regional assessments on the priority dugong populations of New Caledonia and East...


WIOMSA Symposium 2022: Dugong Special Session

1 November 2022

The CMS Dugong MOU, in partnership with African Parks and the Marine Megafauna Foundation, organized a Special Session at...


An exceptional encounter in Mayotte!

1 November 2022

A group of three dugongs, including one juvenile, has recently been spotted, raising hopes for the dugong population of Mayotte. Sightings...


India: New Dugong Conservation Reserve

21 September 2022

The government of India has officially announced the establishment of a Dugong Conservation Reserve. The reserve is the first initiative...


New Hope for Dugongs: plans to protect and restore seagrass ecosystems in Abu Dhabi

31 August 2022

A recent UNEP article highlights the efforts Abu Dhabi is making to restore over 20,000 ha of coastal ecosystems by 2030. ...


Dugong declared extinct in China

24 August 2022

"The likely disappearance of the dugong in China is a devastating loss." (Prof Samuel Turvey, ZSL...


New Study: Dugong in Southeast Asia

23 May 2022

A systematic review of the remaining populations, distributions, and habitat sites of the dugong in Southeast Asia. Authors Janmanee Panyawai and...


New Research: Critically Endangered Dugongs of East Africa

13 May 2022

A new study, ‘Focused and inclusive actions could ensure the persistence of East Africa's last known viable dugong subpopulation’ by Trotzuk...


‘The Dugongs of Bazaruto’: New e-book now available

30 August 2021

'The Dugongs of Bazaruto', is now available for download on the Dugong & Seagrass Hub. Written by Ruth H. Leeney and...


The Li-Maramaranja: Dugong Hunters of Excellence

15 June 2020

A film documenting community-based dugong tracking in Northern