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CMS Dugong MOU Hosts Arabian Gulf Dugong Conservation Workshop

15 May 2023

The Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) Office - Abu Dhabi, in partnership with the Environment...

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First Meeting of the New Dugong Technical Advisory Group

9 May 2023

The newly formed Dugong Technical Advisory Group (TAG) met for the first time on 03 April to discuss key priorities ahead...

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RESTORE: Films from the frontiers of hope

1 March 2023

Watch this documentary series to learn about these flagships, as our planet’s top ten places that offer hope for the future...

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Seagrass: Essential to Migratory Species and to Climate Change Mitigation

28 February 2023

From the tropics to the Arctic circle, seagrasses are amongst the most widespread coastal habitats on the planet, existing in 159...

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CMS Dugong MOU Small Grants 2023: Call for concept notes

21 February 2023

The CMS Dugong MOU is excited to announce a new call for project concepts that aim to support community-led activities that...


WIOMSA Symposium 2022: Dugong Special Session

1 November 2022

The CMS Dugong MOU, in partnership with African Parks and the Marine Megafauna Foundation, organized a Special Session at...


New Hope for Dugongs: plans to protect and restore seagrass ecosystems in Abu Dhabi

31 August 2022

A recent UNEP article highlights the efforts Abu Dhabi is making to restore over 20,000 ha of coastal ecosystems by 2030. ...

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Tracking and Mapping Dugong Habitat Use

24 January 2022

A new study investigating the habitat use patterns of dugongs illustrates the potential benefits of satellite tracking and dynamic habitat use...

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Small Drones: An affordable alternative for marine surveys

11 May 2021

Scientists at Murdoch University's Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems recently published a study that looks at using small drones to...

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Philippines Policy Analysis: Assessing community needs   

3 May 2021

A key goal of the SES project is to influence policy change in order to strengthen existing environmental policies and integrate...

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DMoU Secretariat: Call for concept notes

29 April 2021

The CMS Dugong MoU Secretariat is excited to announce the launch of a new call for concept notes to...

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A global bright spot: Seagrass ecosystems in the Pacific

27 April 2021

A new study investigating the status of seagrass meadows throughout the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) discovers a global “bright...

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MareCet: Exciting steps forward for SES Project in Malaysia. 

31 March 2021

In March 2021, the MareCet team traveled to the Seagrass Ecosystem Services (SES) Project sites in Malaysia. This was an important...

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Thailand: Improving Dugong Conservation & Ocean Waste Management

10 March 2021

On Environment Day 2020, representatives came together to sign a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at improving sustainable development in...

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Blue Carbon: UNESCO Sites store 5bn tonnes of carbon dioxide 

2 March 2021

Seagrass meadows are among the most efficient blue carbon sinks on earth, and if left undisturbed the carbon will stay locked...

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Seagrass meadows are vital to addressing climate change

20 February 2021

An article by the HuffPost highlights the importance of seagrass in the fight against climate change. The article highlights the role...

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Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project launched in Mozambique.

31 January 2021

Dugongos has been awarded a grant to launch a new project supporting a participatory approach to dugong conservation. In January 2021, our...

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Seagrass is removing marine plastics

20 January 2021

New research finds that seagrass provides yet another ecosystem service by naturally removing plastic particles from the sea. The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, found...