The Seagrass Blue Carbon toolkit aims to help practitioners approaching blue carbon science for the first time.

The toolkit was developed by Edith Cowan University under the IKI Seagrass Ecosystem Services project, and includes a series of videos with step-by-step instructions for sampling in subtidal and intertidal environments and processing seagrass sediment cores for subsequent chemical and physical analyses.

At the bottom of the page are some additional links to available manuals that provide background information and context to the training videos.

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1.  FIELD WORK: How to sample sediment cores in seagrass ecosystems
In this section you can find videos on how to sample seagrass sediment cores in both subtidal and intertidal environments.
(These videos are available in both high and low resolution)

2. LABORATORY WORK: How to process a seagrass sediment core
In this section you can find videos on how to open, slice and process the samples of a seagrass sediment core.

3. DATA MANAGEMENT: examples of datasets and calculation to obtain final data
(in production)

  • Main dataset with initial calculation
  • %LOI spreadsheet with organic carbon calculation
  • Carbon stocks and carbon accumulation rate
  • Avoided CO2 emissions and Enhanced Corg sequestration


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